“As an Endurance Athlete, I understand what it takes to make it to the start line. To make it to the finish line is another kind of blessing. The artistry is how to continue this process over and over again in optimal health and over the course of decades.”

Will K. Wan, Elite Sports Acupuncturist and Ultra Marathon Runner.

Elite Sports Acupuncture©

Acupuncture, E-Stim Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Dry-Needling specific to sports injuries and prevention.


Shiatsu Massage, Tuina Massage, and Tension Pattern Analysis to release tension patterns that create physical distortion in the body’s natural symmetry.

Herbal Therapies

Chinese Herb Formulas, Nutritional Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Essential Oil Formulas.

“If you are like me, you like to recreate. Routine physical activity, regardless of your practice, does not come free of injury. This is where Will Wan has been invaluable. Not just an acupuncturist, he offers a holistic approach to internal and external wellness. From diet, to deep tissue work, to acupuncture to alignment: he connects them all. And if it is needles that worry you, worry not. Will Wan creates a safe, peaceful environment, and the only thing you will notice is the pain that is missing the next day.”

-Chris B.

Elite Sports Acupuncture and Pain Relief Clinic

333 S. Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903