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What is Elite Sports Acupuncture Therapy©?

When an athlete performs at an optimal level, how does the athlete move so fluidly and their performance so effortless? When an athlete is “In the Zone” there is access to incredible strength, endurance, perseverance, focus, and will. You become in sync with yourself through your neurological intelligence, your breath, and your mind. You have…

Ultra Marathon Running Meets Chinese Medicine©

by Will Wan, L.Ac., MSOM, Dipl.O.M. (NCCAOM) Human beings evolve to run. In toddlerhood, we mastered walking on our own. In our youth, we started to run while playing and engaging in sports. As adults, running fosters our physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual well-being. The ultra-marathon runner, or ultra-runner, is a different type of…

Hello! My Name is Will Wan

I love to move the body… in running, in telemark skiing, in Tai chi, in yoga, in hiking, in swimming, in the mountains and oceans, and in snow and rain. Without movement, there is stagnation. Too much stagnation creates imbalances. Similar to how a pond can develop pond scum when the water stays still for…

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