What is Elite Sports Acupuncture Therapy©?

When an athlete performs at an optimal level, how does the athlete move so fluidly and their performance so effortless? When an athlete is “In the Zone” there is access to incredible strength, endurance, perseverance, focus, and will. You become in sync with yourself through your neurological intelligence, your breath, and your mind. You have mastered a certain flow of your body. This mastery is gained through the time, sweat, and effort you have devoted to your practice. Ultimately, you gain a sense of the present moment through awareness of your body’s ability to move fluidly.

Elite Sports Acupuncture Therapy© is a therapeutic method that assists the body back into symmetry and fluidity. In pursuit of your athletic endeavor with training and over-training, muscle development can be asymmetrical (unequal). Certain muscle groups can over-develop while other muscle groups can under-develop. This leads to asymmetry and develops tension patterns in movement. Tension patterns in muscles limit the full range of motion of joints and can lead to muscle ache and risk for injuries.

Elite Sports Acupuncture Therapy is comprised of:

  1. Tension Pattern Anaylsis (Movement Patterns in the Planes Motion)
  2. Tuina Bodywork/Acupressure Analysis of the Body
  3. Elite Sports Acupuncture (acupuncture, e-stim acupuncture, moxibustion, dry needling)
  4. Cupping and Gua Sha (Myofascial Release) Therapies
  5. Movement Therapy- specific movements that support ROM
  6. Nutritional Therapy- Chinese Medicine specific nutrition to your body type
  7. Chinese Medicine Herb formulas- specific herb formula created in our Compounding Medicinary to support your health
  8. Nutritional Supplements- high quality, health practitioner only branded formulations
  9. Essential Oil Liniments (topical) for body aches and joint support
  10. Essential Oil Formulas (internal/oral/aromatic uses) for supporting healthy inflammatory responses.

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